Did you know that Miles Davis was an actual pimp?

Sunday, July 26 2015
Written by  Forrestt
Did you know that Miles Davis was an actual pimp?

Okay, so everyone knows that he dressed like a pimp, and that he talked like a pimp, and that he did a lot of drugs, so is it any surprise that Miles Davis actually had a stable of girls that he pimped out?

During his dark days, the years that he 'put down his horn', he was doing copious amounts of Heroin and Cocaine. He mentions this in his (highly recommended IMHO) Biography Miles: The Autobiography. This book is f#&@ing nuts - like the time he was so damned high on coke that he stopped his bright yellow Lamborghini in the middle of a downtown New York street, jumped out, and ran away to hide from his delusions. Supposedly he just left it there.

Jesus Miles, WTF.


He was able to crawl out of his drug-fueled and pimping lifestyle in the mid-eighties. Unfortunately he then recorded a bunch of crappy eighties jazz, but at least he wasn't pimping anymore?


See his interview on 60 Minutes from the eighties discussing drugs and woman in that Miles Davis raspy voice: