Our First Review

Monday, February 16 2015
Written by  Forrestt
Our First Review

I am still actively seeking reviewers, BTW.

I spoke with Bayard Catron, who runs a board game blog called Game Theory, and he said he would be interested in checking it out. I shipped him a copy and he published a positive review!

We are very excited as it is our first official third party review:



With one die roll I narrowly avoided another player's space occupied by her attractive Asian employee, Qum Li (presumably prounounced "comely").  "Whew," I said, "I didn't want to land on Qum Li."  Without missing a beat, my friend said "You got somethin' to say about Qum Li?!?"  You had to be there to see how ironic and incongruous it was to see my friend role-playing a pimp - she's very unpimplike outside of the game.