Why we changed the name

Thursday, August 28 2014
Written by  Forrestt
Why we changed the name

For over ten years our local cult boardgame was called "Pimpopoly". It is so well known in our circle that some people were pretty burnt that we changed the name (Yes you Jon)

So why did we change the name? 

Every time we introduced this game to someone new the same comment was always made, "like monopoly?" We would always have to explain and clarify that, no, it was nothing like monopoly. 

Once it was decided to use crowd sourcing to try and actually make the damn thing we realized that we would get zero attention from strangers if they thought it was just a themed monopoly game.

We had to change the name. 

We changed it to A$$et Management for a couple of months, and everyone had mixed feelings. We finally ended up going with "Pimp - The Board Game".

What do you think?